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One such incident was recorded in 2013. On May 17th unknown assailant in Bucharest pushed Mircea Marian, a correspondent for the daily newspaper «Evenimentul Zilei» shouting “Jew!”

In 2016-2020 NGOs registered several attacks. For example, in June 2016, two Arabic-speaking refugees were attacked by a group of people with metal bars, as a result of which both victims were injured.

In March 2017, in one of the villages, several Roma families were dragged out of their homes, subjected to physical violence, and their houses were set on fire. A total of five households were affected. In May, a Roma woman was attacked. Her headscarf was torn off, and in September of that year, a Syrian refugee working in a restaurant was subjected to xenophobic insults and physical violence in Bucharest.

Several attacks were carried out against refugees in 2018. In 2019, a Roma woman and her child were subjected to anti-Roma slurs and physical abuse by a bus driver. The victim was further abused and ignored by the police when she tried to report the incident.

In 2020, several crimes related to institutional profiling in the Romanian police were recorded. In particular, in April 2020, there were two unprovoked police attacks on groups of Roma, in one case a teenager was among the victims. In September, two Roma were beaten by police after being reprimanded for a minor infraction. One of the victims was handcuffed, beaten with fists and a stick, after which they loaded him into a paddy wagon, took him to a field outside the city and mocked him.

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