Internet platform for studying Xenophobia, Radicalism and Problems of Intercultural communication.


This is an Internet project of the European Center of Democracy Development dedicated to the creation and strengthening of the Civic nation in European countries.

European Centre for Democracy Development – is the Expert body registered in Latvia like an NGO. The goal of Organization – to study Xenophobia and Radicalism in Europe. ECDD published 3 annual Reports "Xenophobia, Radicalism and Hate Crime in Europe" – the analytical investigation regarding Tolerance and made  3 annual conferences "International Expert Forum of Tolerance. Xenophobia and Radicalism in Europe: Global Challenges", which were successfully held in Riga in 2016 – 2017 and in Athens in 2019.

   A Civic (political) nation is a community of people united by common historical destinies, as well as involvement in one state and its values, regardless of their belonging to ethnic, religious, gender and other social groups.

The project provides an opportunity to obtain the most detailed information on those aspects of domestic policy that affect its formation: anti-discrimination legislation, law enforcement practices, attitude towards minorities, the activities of radical groups, the level of xenophobia and hate crimes in most European countries etc.

This website publishes an annual pan-European report "Xenophobia, Radicalism and Hate Crimes in Europe", which is an analytical report on European problems of tolerance in general, including a comparative analysis of all the above indicators in different countries.

This is an interactive resource. Each user can take part in the formation of its content by sending information on any of its sections to the site through the "Contacts" section. The submission is then promptly checked by our moderators, and the article is posted on this website. Thus, this Internet resource guarantee objectivity and content. We will start building our own "Civic Nation"!

The website contains the latest scientific Publications on issues of national and religious policy. The Documents sections contains the basic international documents related to the subject of human rights and the strategy of individual countries in the field of national policy. Conferences section contains the latest information about forthcoming and past conferences and round tables on this topic.

The project is supported by the European Center for Tolerance and by the European Center for the Development of Democracy (Latvia).

The head of the project and the editor-in-chief of the site is the President of the European Centre of Democracy Development Dr. Valery Engel.

The administration of this website thanks the Chairman of the Council of the European Centre for Tolerance Vladimir Sternfeld, Businessman Sergey Kadanov and the Rector of the Moscow Institute of Economics Dr. Igor Surat for practical assistance in implementing the project.

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