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This book is another annual report on major manifestations of hate in the European space in 2017-2018. Prepared by leading experts from different countries, the report analyzes various factors that trigger the formation of a public demand for radicalism and that lead to the manifestations of xenophobia and racism. The report also discusses statistics on hate crime.

A separate subject of research is the prerequisites of xenophobia and the role of political parties and groups in the formation of a public demand for radicalism. The analysis focuses on 13 countries of the EU - namely, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, and France, - as well as on two non-EU countries, which greatly influence political and economic processes in Europe – Russia and Ukraine

Xenophobia, Radicalism, and Hate Crime in Europe (2018).pdf (1,48MB)

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