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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes

In Austria during the period under review, there were no significant clashes on ethnic or religious grounds. Until recently, inter-ethnic tensions were not a significant problem in Austria at all. At school, for example, intercultural or interethnic tensions rarely lead to physical violence, but more often to verbal abuse. A few attacks and murders were related to Chechens living in Austria, many of whom have become refugees and are officially considered Russian citizens (e.g. in statistics), but these can be tentatively called ethnic attacks, as they relate more to the topic of several ethnic criminal groups fighting each other. Two other ethnic groups occasionally reported in connection with the violent conflict with Chechens in Austria are Afghans and Albanians, but these clashes also relate more to ethnic gangs and crimes than to interethnic conflicts. This, however, does not prevent "hate dialogues," primarily concerning migrants, from being transferred to the Internet.

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