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Public Actions

Public Actions

Romanian media regularly publishes materials that glorify dictator Antonescu, representing him as a responsible state leader and patriot of his country. New Republic party has a reverent attitude towards “the pantheon of Romanian soldiers who died in the war for independence and in two world wars” (i.e., to the soldiers of the Antonescu regime who were Nazi collaborators).

In Bucharest, at the residence of the “Movement of Legionnaires” the “Iron Guard” flag is freely presented, and the building is decorated with fascistic symbols. In the city leaflets are freely distributed on behalf of the “Iron Guard”. The authorities do not prevent marches praising Codreanu, etc.

On July 16th, 2013 on the eve of his visit to Moldova, Romanian President Traian Basescu made a statement in which he justified the actions of Ion Antonescu, saying that if he were an ally of Hitler, he would have given the same order of the transition of the Prut River to “return” Bessarabia.

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