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"White Papers of Hate" is the fundamental monitoring research, based on the monitoring of manifestations of xenophobia, neo-Nazism and radical nationalism, conducted across 18 European countries in 2012. The Researchwas made in collaboration with Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Berlin Research Centre on Anti-Semitism of the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) in 2012-13.

Research consists of an aggregate analysis of neo-Nazi and radical nationalist manifestations in relation to factors of social stability/instability in each country. Analysis involved the legal framework in the period of monitoring, law enforcement practices in regards to minorities, manifestations of racism and intolerance and their legal implications, level of xenophobia in the society, political programmes and activities of radical nationalist parties and groups, international factors, and many others.

Such comprehensive comparative analysis over different countries has never been conducted before. Importantly, criteria for factors of stability involved such manifestations as glorification of Nazism and Nazi collaborators, and authorities’ attitude towards the modern antifascist movement. We believe, that there is a direct link between the glorification of Nazism and the demands to revise the results of World War Two, as well as the attempts to revise post-war borders and the discrimination of mi- norities. As country glorifies its Nazi accomplices, it creates an image of an enemy in the face of the peoples that were persecuted or fought for the opposite side during that period.

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