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It is necessary to distinguish between murders and terrorist acts motivated by hatred, which are organized and, as a rule, massive in nature. Unfortunately, in France the second clearly prevails over the first.

On June 5, 2013 skinheads killed a member of the left-wing grouping of Clement Merik in Paris. In 2014, 1 Roma child was killed.

In 2019, there was one attempted murder by far-right worshippers at a mosque. It took place in Bayonne on October 28, 2019, and two worshippers were seriously injured. It was not considered an act of terrorism because the perpetrator, 84-year-old Claude Cinque, was partially insane. This former National Front candidate in the local elections claimed that his actions were motivated by revenge for what he believed was the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral by "Muslims." He died of natural causes on February 26, 2020, while in prison.

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