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The main risks facing Canadian society today are the risks of radicalization. In order to overcome it, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Assess how extremism is manifested locally.
  2. Help strengthen local cohesion: delivering events, campaigns and projects based on inclusion, shared values and community cohesion are vital to help build resilience to extremism and to prevent extremists from gaining a foothold.
  3. Assess who is most susceptible to extremist narratives and plan how to engage and support these people.
  4. Promote online programs to fight isolation.
  5. Monitor legal cases at all levels of courts across Canada as a foundation for strategic engagement in litigation and research.
  6. Promote research focusing on the dynamics between the COVID-19 pandemic and radicalism.
  7. Fostering national resilience in terms of civic education, critical thinking, non-binary mentality and cognitive bias-free learning.
  8. With peace, order and good governance in mind, federal and provincial actions on media (print and online) broadcasting to insure free, civic and responsible coverage of current affairs related to terrorism and radicalization in Canada.
  9. To protect Canadian ethnic minorities and Muslim communities in particular from hate crimes:
  • Declare Bill C-59 (Quebec) unconstitutional.
  • Declare Bill 21 (Quebec) unconstitutional.

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