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"White Papers of Hate" - 2015 is a fundamental study conducted annually by the International Human Rights Movement “World Without Nazism”. This book in particular is its third edition, covering the year 2014. Previous two editions focused on 2012 and 2013. The study is based on media reports and public documents obtained from governments and human rights organisations.

The analysis of a large amount of factual data in 21 countries provided us with objective information and enabled us to rank the radical nationalist threat in Europe. The goal was to identify the general trends in social develop- ment of European countries in terms of radical nationalist (neo-Nazi) threats, and provide relevant recommendations to minimise such problems.

Based on the conducted research, we can conclude that the level of this threat is different in various European countries, depending on several factors: economic conditions, globalisation and attractiveness of markets, labour mar- ket (inflow and outflow of labour force); willingness of the state to abandon old assimilation policies towards the indigenous and “new” ethnic minorities and satisfy their cultural, educational and religious interests; government’s understanding of the problem and willingness to combat manifestations of neo-Nazism and aggressive nationalism in cooperation with civil society institutes.

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