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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes White Lives Matter: A new US hate group shows its face

The vast majority of Americans say there are strong racial and ethnic conflicts in the United States. About seven out of ten Americans, according to Pew Research, talk about conflicts between people of different ethnic or racial backgrounds in the United States. These are primarily minor conflicts that do not escalate into major confrontations.

When it comes to real clashes, however, the Black Life Matters (BLM) movement stands out in 2018-21. The vast majority of Black Lives Matter protests - more than 93 percent - were peaceful, according to a new report released Thursday by Acled, a nonprofit that researches political violence and protests around the world. The report says 220 municipalities reported "violent demonstrations." The authors define violent demonstrations as including "actions directed against other persons, property, businesses, other rioting groups or armed actors." Their definition includes anything from "resisting police" to vandalism, destruction of property, looting, blocking roads with barricades, burning tires or other materials, and confronting others. In cities where protests have turned violent, these demonstrations are "largely confined to certain neighborhoods," the report said.

The report also mentions "dozens of car ramming attacks" on protesters by various individuals, some of whom are affiliated with hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. The report's authors say the Trump administration has exacerbated tensions caused by racial disparities and police brutality. President Donald Trump and senior members of his administration have often referred to protesters as violent anarchists.

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