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22 acts of xenophobic vandalism have been reported in 2014. 17 were anti-Semitic in nature, 1 was Islamophobic and 1 anti-Christian. Compared to 2013, anti-Muslim vandalism has sharply decreased. The following synagogues have been vandalised: Belfast (18 and 19 July ), Kingston, Surbiton, Surrey (August 1 ), London's Gove (August 9 ), London (August 18).

Swastikas were found on Jewish homes in Hendon (July 13), Stamford Hill (July 28 and 28 December) and Golders Green (August 8) .

On November 17, unidentified persons damaged more than 40 vehicles parked in Stamford Hill, an area in London predominantly populated by Jews.

On December 18 and 22, anti-Semitic graffiti was found in a school in Stamford Hill . Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated in Manchester and Hereford).

Brian Kingston, councillor for the DUP party, on August 12th declared there had been a spade of attacks, including the scrawling of anti-Israeli graffiti on the building and items being thrown at the plaque and the house.

On August 16, it was revealed that racist vandals desecrated Muslim graves in Chatterton.

On July 20, unidentified vandals attempted to set fire to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Belfast suburb, Newtownabbey.

On May 15, a house of a Negro woman and her three children was thrown stones at in Belfast. The family was not injured . On May 20, a community centre was set on fire in Birmingham. It is suspected that the arson was committed due to ethnic hate.

On June 1, a house in Belfast, the residence of Pakistanis, suffered a racist attack. Windows were broken. The attackers went back later that day to insult and threaten the residents with physical violence. After the attack 2 Pakistanis decided to leave Northern Ireland.

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