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Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial The inscription on the Ukrainian poster: "I will deny the Holocaust until Israel recognizes the Holodomor".

This is an active trend, especially when relating to the role of collaborationists in the Holocaust. Aforementioned textbook, “Ukraine During the Second World War,” states that mass destruction of the Jewish population started in the first days of the war, but blames all atrocities on German Nazis, not mentioning the active involvement of Ukrainian people (who, in some cases, did not need encouragement from the Nazis).

On June 1, 2015, Rivne State Commission refused to approve the inscription dedicated to the fallen Jews in Ostrozhets, because the plaque stated that Nazis murdered Jews with the help of local collaborationists. Members of the Commission argued that it was the Russians who collaborated with the Nazis and voted not to include the inscription at all – saying that they are unwilling to play into the hands of Russian propaganda.

The Museum exhibition in Zolochev, where 9000 Jews (or 60% of its population) have been murdered, does not mention this massacre at all. Instead, it details the destruction of Ukrainian prisoners in NKVD in 1941. The plaque on the prison castle states that Jews were killed by the Nazis.

In Drohobych, victims of the Holocaust were hidden behind the general number of civilian casualties in the region between 1939 and 1943.

On January 27, 2015, Holocaust memorial ceremony was completely ignored by senior city officials in Nikolayev. The government was represented by the acting Deputy Mayor on Humanitarian Issues Evgeniy Shevchenko.

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