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To ensure internal peace in the country and to resolve conflict situations, it is recommended that Ukraine in 2021:

  1. Authorities to abandon the practice of suppressing the rights of national and religious minorities, to amend previously adopted discriminatory laws in the religious sphere and the issue of language regulation, freedom of historical memory.
  2. To implement the conclusions of the Venice Commission of the CoE, CoE Parliamentary Assembly, EP, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, UN Monitoring Mission and other international organizations and institutions in the sphere of combating xenophobia, language and religious policy.
  3. Initiate a civic dialogue involving representatives of all sectors of society and, in particular, national and religious minorities, in order to form new legislation in these areas.
  4. Strengthen legal liability for hate crimes as crimes against the foundations of the state, excluding the possibility for "reconciliation of the parties" and fines.
  5. Re-train law enforcement and the judiciary in order to investigate and punish hate crimes more thoroughly.
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