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Xenophobic Rhetoric

Xenophobic Rhetoric Marian Kotleba is an ultra-right-wing Slovak politician, leader of the People's Party "Our Slovakia", governor of the Bansko-Bystrica Territory (2013).

Most of such incidents were aimed against Roma.

On February 20, 2014, leader of the far right “Our Slovakia” party M. Kotleba met with the Hungarian Ambassador to discuss “gypsy crime”. Meanwhile, Bystrica city administration published a video that glorified the fascist Slovak state and Kotleba himself discussed ways to “eliminate a certain ethnic group” on Facebook.

During the parliamentary election campaign, candidate to the Kosice city council Vladimir Gurtler , balloting from the area heavily populated by the Romani people, posted anti-Roma posters. Leader of the regional party called Seven Courageous offered to give Roma a free one-way ticket to Brussels and 10 thousand euros to Roma woman who undergo sterilisation.

Chairman of the Slovak National Party, Andrei Danko accused the leading politicians in the country stating that they deliberately exploited “Malinova’s case” to take advantage of the election campaign and acted not in the interests of Slovakia, but in their own. On June 2nd A. Danko, protesting against the plan of P. Chaki regarding Hungarian autonomy, said that Hungarian autonomy in Slovakia is unnecessary, since the Hungarians already have the access to socio-political, economic and cultural-historical development, while there is a real danger of assimilation for the Slovaks in Hungary.

In December 2014, NGO Roma House published its monitoring report called “Roma, journalists and media”“ Authors of the report, led by Martin Gonda, analysed 899 media reports related to the Roma community in Slovakia between July 1 and November 30. 12% of these contained stereotypical prejudices, most of which were related to high crime rate and poor social behaviour among the Roma. Most prejudice was observed in TV and online news reports. Local media focuses on Roma the most – 20% in cities and 9% in city areas” Integration of Roma was covered only by 2% of media reports. Thus, Slovak media exploits the established negative image of the Roma community, which contributes to the high level of prejudice in the society.

In July, the inquiry into the former RTVS sports news host Kristina Kormutova has concluded. On May 21, the popular TV presenter posted an anti-Roma comment on her Facebook page. “I woke up at 4:30 from a noise, as if a massive beam fell on my head and some smelly gypsy is stealing a four-metre drainpipe from my house. Why can’t we shout them like parasites? Why? Let nobody call me racist. Because they have nothing!!!" After a wave of criticism, author removed her status and apologised. “I sincerely apologise for these hasty statements, which emerged in the heat of passion and are incompatible with my personal beliefs.” She was soon sacked from television. Prosecution did not find grounds for criminal investigation”

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