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Anti-Xenophobic Rhetoric

Anti-Xenophobic Rhetoric Ivan Gasparovich, President of the Slovak Republic (2004 - 2014)

President Ivan Gasparovic said on June 15, 2014, that head of Presidential office D. Rusnak, who attacked Hungarian-speaking people in Serbia, should resign.

On the Holocaust Remembrance Day, September 9th, 2014, commemorative ceremonies were held in Bratislava. Prime Minister Robert Fico apologised for the persecution of Jews during the Second World War. “I cannot say anything more profound and more personal than just simply apologising for those who committed so many ills. Only the descendants of those who suffered and died can give them forgiveness. Crimes of the Holocaust, during the delusional ideals of fascism, is an eternal shame for those who participated in them. This is a serious reminder that this should not happen today or in the future.

On August 2, Commissioner for Roma Communities P. Pollack said that the Gypsy Holocaust, called by a Romany term “Poraimos”, must not be forgotten. He pointed to lack of information about this event of the Second World War.

In May 2014, Christian Democratic Movement criticised the Commissioner for Roma Affairs, Petr Pollak, for failing to effectively promote Rome integration” Slovakia has two political parties that promote minority rights – the Hungarian Coalition Party and it’s breakaway “Most-Hid” (Bridge) party. Hungarian Coalition Party advocates for the Hungarian language in regions where Hungarians constitute for a significant part of the population” It argues that ethnic diversity only enriches the society and the elite must actively implement integration programmes. HCP promotes for Roma integration, infrastructural improvements in their settlements and education.

Most-Hid has a similar focus, advocating for a new minority law that would regulate their status. The party also demands cultural autonomy for Hungarians, including the ability to create their own schools and officially use Hungarian in certain regions of south Slovakia” Most-Hid also developed a Roma integration programme”.

Mayor of Bratislava Milan Ftacnik took part in the anti-fascist demonstration on March 14, 2014.

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