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Murders A shot from an edited video about, allegedly, the murder of representatives of national minorities, posted on the network by activists of the so-called " "The Russian National Socialist Party."

February 14 on the platform “Silicate” in the suburbs, the nationalists killed 37-year-old Ukrainian Roman Muzichenko.

On February 23 in the Leningrad region, a gay man was killed - allegedly because of sexual harassment.

On February 26, in the Evenki District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a 16-year-old teenager cut a throat with a clerical knife to a 63-year-old man, allegedly “defending himself” from the “harassment” of a pensioner.

In February, a native of Kyrgyzstan was killed in St. Petersburg.

On March 19, nationalists in the village of Rasskazovka on the territory of New Moscow severely beat the 38-year-old Muscovite, who died in a hospital one day later. According to preliminary data, at least 8 people suffered from their hands, and all crimes were committed in order to “cleanse” the land of homeless people and drunkards “.

On April 12 another native of Kyrgyzstan was killed in St. Petersburg.

On May 3, a 39-year-old loader from Tajikistan was killed in the city of Korolev, near Moscow.

On August 20, the deputy Imam of Irgakly village in the Stavropol Territory Zamirbek Makhmutov was killed.

On September 1, a four-year-old daughter and 66-year-old mother of the head of the rural settlement of Natalia Kolodyazhnaya (a criminal believed a Jewish official) were killed on the grounds of anti-Semitism in the village of Perlevka in the Semiluki district of the Voronezh Region. The criminal himself was killed on September 3 during his detention.

On September 9, Mohammed Dibirov, an imam of the mosque mosque in Novy Kurush village of Khasavyurt district, was killed.

On September 15, a local resident was killed in the Krylovsky district of the Krasnodar Territory because of his sexual orientation.

On September 20, three Syrians were beaten in Kursk, one of whom died in a hospital.

On December 1, Imam of one of the Khasavyurt mosques was killed, the author of a series of sermons and lectures Suleiman Kokreksky.

On December 29, unidentified people fired at a group of people on the observation deck of the Naryn-Kala fortress in Dagestan's Derbent. One person was killed, 11 more were injured of varying degrees of severity.

On the night of December 29, in a military garrison near the village of Knyaz-Volkonsky, a group of young servicemen killed a local resident. On the Internet, the version was actively argued that the attackers were natives of the Caucasus and threats were “beaten to death” by Caucasians. But beyond these appeals it did not go.

In 2014, 35 people were killed. In 2013 - 34. Such a sharp decline in the number of victims - both dead and injured, is a consequence of two factors - the reorientation of the far right to events in Ukraine and the active actions of the authorities to suppress ultra-right activity.

When it comes to xenophobic homicides, the monitoring recorded 6 deaths in 2018, 6 deaths in 2019 as well, and 3 death in 2020, for 6 months 2021 - 2 killed, indicating a significant decrease in hate crime related to homicides compared to previous periods.

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