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Monuments to Collaborators

Monuments to Collaborators Controversial plaque at the Donskoy cemetery in Moscow.

Glorification of Nazism is not present in Russia’s public or political life. However, there have been cases related to revision of history in 2015 – particularly regarding the role collaborationists played in Russian and world history.

On April 1, it was reported that Donskoye Cemetery in Moscow has a memorial plaque to “Fighters of Tyranny” – officers of the “Vlasov Army” and SS Gruppenfuehrer Arthur Nebe, party to the death of 46 000 Jews in Belarus (in 1944, he took part in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler). The monument also included other members of the Hitler assassination plot (July 20, 1944) and several Soviet intelligence officers. The plaque was removed, following controversy A private Museum of Anti-Bolshevik Resistance in Veshenskaia (Rostovskyaa Oblast) was established in 2010. The museum is known for glorifying, collaborators who served Adolf Hitler (Cossacks and others).

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