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Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial The books of the Swiss Holocaust denier Jurgen Graf freely spread in the RuNet.

Since early 2015, there has been a gradual restoration of the activity of Holocaust deniers in the Russian-language media space (RuNet). Thus, the Russian-language blog, “Rrevisionism of the Holocaust”, which became the main source of Holocaust denying publications in the first six months of 2015, published 32 (!) articles against 19 during the whole of 2014. Meanwhile “The Doubtful Holocaust” blog further reduced its activity publishing only one post during the first half of 2015.

Books of foreign Holocaust deniers, for example, the works of the Swiss Holocaust denier Jürgen Graf, are freely and freely distributed on the Russian internet.

Levada Centre survey held on May 22-25 demonstrated extremely marginal support for Holocaust denial in society. Only 6% believed that the Holocaust is grossly exaggerated (12% in 2007), while 74% believe that this was really a genocide (63% in 2007). 8% stated that they never heard of the Holocaust, and 12% preferred not to respond. Interestingly, significantly less people believe in the Armenian genocide (51%; although this figure was even lower in 2007 – 37%).

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