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Treatment of Minorities

Treatment of Minorities

As in the past in Romania, there was a high level of xenophobia in 2013. Submitted surveys conducted in 2013 by the order of the NCCD, 67% of respondents believe that discrimination occurs “often” or “very often.” 46% believe that discrimination will remain at the same level in the coming years. Only 11% believe that the level will decrease, and 28% believe it will increase.

According to the survey agency IRES in October-November 2013, discrimination is recognized as the most prominent problem of society by 59% of respondents (in 2011 these were 51%), 31% do not consider it a major problem. Thus we can speak about the growth of the level of discrimination in the minds of the inhabitants of Romania. The most discriminated groups in the opinion of the respondents are HIV-positive and the Roma (as believed by 67% of respondents), LGBT (50%).

Results of a sociological survey have been published on February 6, 2014, indicated that 49% of Romanians have negative attitude towards Hungarians. They are followed by Ukrainians and Russians. Citizens of Romania consider these three countries as the main external political opponents.

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