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Revision of World War Two History

Revision of World War Two History Map of "Great Romania", including the territory of the Republic of Moldova, Ukrainian Odesa and Crimea, printed in Bucharest.

On October 25, President of Romania Traian Basescu said that Romania’s participation in the Second World War against the Soviet Union cannot be called a mistake. He believes that the invasion of Moldova was a justified step, and he will always consider the land between Prut and Dniestr as Romanian territory.

Speaking at a ceremony dedicated to the Romanian army, President Basescu said, “I will say something that not everyone may agree with. It will not be the first time, but today, at the end of the mandate, I am free to say it: We don’t talk much about the first part of the Second World War, when Romanian soldiers fell carrying out politicians’ orders. And nobody will ever convince me that crossing Prut was a historical mistake.”

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