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Xenophobia, Radicalism and Expressions of Hatred in the UK (2018-20)

Xenophobia, Radicalism and Expressions of Hatred in the UK (2018-20)

There is the Report of Dr. William Allchorn, Associate Director of the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) and Post-Doctoral Researcher based at the University of Leeds. Recent events in the UK relating to xenophobia, radicalism and radical right extremism suggest that racial and societal tensions are not going away any time soon. At the time of this report’s completion in December of 2020, expressions of polarisation, stigmatisation and racialisation emerged in the UK’s public life that have emboldened xenophobic, radical movements. First, and during the last week of January 2020, UK cultural nationalists targeted mosques, taxi ranks and hotels in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham in an attempt to inflame racial tensions, telling Muslim residents of the city to “get ready and watch what we do to you”. Secondly, and in reaction to the police’s killing of George Floyd in the USA in May 2020, a wider campaign by UK radical right extremists was sparked in response to Black Lives Matters protests in the UK.

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