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Xenophobia and Radicalism in France (2018-2020)

Xenophobia and Radicalism in France (2018-2020) Dr. Jean-Yves Camus

Dr. Jean-Yves CAMUS is a specialist on the French and European Radical Right and was one of the very first scholars to study the former Front national (now Rassemblement national) in the early 1980s. He has also paid early attention to the New Right and Identitarian movement, as well as to the history and ideology of the Catholic Traditionalist movement and Counter-Revolutionary thinking. His report, made for the European Center for the Development of Democracy, on xenophobia and radicalism in France covers 2018-2020. The subject of the study was changes in legislation and law enforcement practice relating to minorities, as well as hate crimes over the specified period of time. Dr. Camus also dwells on the attitude of French society towards minorities. The subject of his research is also the activities of radical organizations.

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