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Xenophobia and Afrophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia and Afrophobia in South Africa Mrs. Tali Nates, Executive Director, Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre

27 years after the end of apartheid and the transition to democracy in South Africa, the past still shapes to a large extent the country’s present and future where racism, hate speech, prejudice and abuse of power still effect society. Many countries draw on the memory of the Holocaust and genocide to promote human rights and there is a debate whether memory of past atrocities can have a preventative power.

The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC), which was officially opened in March 2019, explores the history of genocides in the 20th century including the Herero and Nama Genocide in today’s Namibia in 1904 as well as the Genocide in Armenia in 1915. There is a focus on the case studies of the Holocaust and the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda as well as connections between genocide and crimes against humanity in South Africa as well as contemporary human rights violations such as xenophobia in the country.

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