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What can we oppose to right-wing radicalism?

What can we oppose to right-wing radicalism?

In times of ongoing crises, ideologies of the extremist right seem to find spots in unstable sections of societies in which they can grow.

Although in reality, the goals, the practices and the views of right extremists are contradictory in local, national and continental settings, they are in a first stage aiming at to overthrow democracy in Europe. A new form of fascism is in the making. Its hard core unfolds the old prejudice, that humanity, liberty and universality are existential enemies of the ´traditional´ authoritarian order, rooted inside the primordial dominance of races.

Anti-Semitism, anti-Ziganism and Xenophobia are therefore the commonly shared patterns of any right extremist. The new emerging extreme right in Europe is also working against the existing paradigm shift towards an era of multiple modernity´s and multifold modernities by reorganizing fascism on national and European levels through expressing its efforts to restitute an ideology of ´white supremacy´.

It is high time to analyze by all scientific methods available that dangerous rebellion against European values, to create preventive political tools to foster democracy and to strengthen civil societies in their fight against this evil before this enemy gains too much ground.

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