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What Will Happen To Belarus After Lukashenko Falls?

What Will Happen To Belarus After Lukashenko Falls?

Even with Vladimir Putin backing Belarusian Dictator Lukashenko, his position looking increasingly unsustainable. The future is uncertain.

On August 9, 2020, Presidential elections were held in Belarus. Officially, 66-year-old Alexander Lukashenko , who held this post for 26 years, won the election. According to the Belarusian Central Election Commission (CEC), he received 80.1% of the vote, while his main rival, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, received 10.1%. However, the opposition did not recognize the result, since it was considered that at least 70% of voters voted for Tikhanovskaya.

What is this opposition and is there any risk of right-wing radicals coming to the ruling institutions, as happened 6 years ago in Ukraine? The answer to this question is rather difficult. First, because the opposition, which was able to bring to the streets of Belarusian cities an unprecedented number of protesters in the entire post-Soviet history, does not have in reality a leader with a clear political position.

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