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Report. "Radicalism and Xenophobia in Greece, 2017"

Report.  "Radicalism and Xenophobia in Greece, 2017"

Ms. Pranvera Tika is a PhD candidate on Political Science, at the Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Her PhD thesis concerns the post-democratic tenencies and phenomena in the region of Balkans and more specifically in Albania, Romania and Bulgaria after the fall of the Communist regime. The another directoins of her research are the questions of Xenophobia and radicalism in Greece. Since 2015 Ms. Tika take part in the Program of the European Tolerance Center "Xenophobia nad Radicalism in Europe". In the frame of this Project she prepared 3 Reports concerning the Tolerance problems in her country.

This Report focuses on the topic of radicalism and hatred in Greece in 2017. The acute economic crisis that hit Greece in 2010 is still felt in society. At the same time, it affects the European problems of asylum and migration. The border restrictions in the Western Balkans, the policy related to the migration deal of Turkey with the EU in 2015, the ongoing parishes and limited resettlement to other EU countries, left about 60,000 asylum-seekers and other migrants in Greece. Thousands, including vulnerable asylum seekers, are confined to islands in terrible conditions. Unaccompanied children are often detained in the police or in places of detention, while hundreds remain either homeless or unaccounted for by the authorities. Access to shelter remains difficult. All these factors obviously influenced the growth of xenophobia in the country, despite the obvious efforts of the government of Mr. Tsipras.

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