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Vandalism A desecrated Memorial on a mass grave in the village of Gura Bikului of the Anenii Noi district in Moldova.

Several cases of vandalism were recorded in 2013, the vast majority of them were in Chisinau. On the night of May 9, unknowns have desecrated a monument to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War in Ohrei, by tearing off the memorial plaque to the fallen soldiers, whose names remained unknown. Memorial plaque, saying “Glory to Heroes!” was thrown by vandals onto a river coast.

In Chisinau, vandals had desecrated a monument to Victims of the Holocaust, located at Jerusalem Street. Unknown criminals painted an anti-Semitic inscription on the monument. Presumably, this act of vandalism was committed between June 2 and 5. Criminals drew a Nazi swastika on a memorial slab.

On July 7, a young couple of neo-Nazis posted photos of desecration of graves in the Jewish cemetery in Chisinau in VK social network Four cases of vandalism have been recorded in 2014. On January 3, unidentified vandals desecrated a monument to the fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War in Orhei. City’s law enforcement officials refused to conduct any sort of investigation to identify the offenders, because it “does not fall within their competence”.

The Walk of Fame in Comrat has been vandalised on February 27. Unidentified hooligans painted graffiti on a series of memorial plaques to prominent Gagauz activists that were installed in the autonomy’s administrative capital.

On May 9, National Liberal Party Vasili Sinigur drew a swastika and wrote provocative messages on the monument to Soviet soldiers in Chisinau.

On May 13, vandals scratched a swastika on a BMW X6. Owner of the vehicle believes that the attack was provoked by stickers on the vehicle, “Happy Victory Day” and “Thank you, grandfather for the Victory.

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