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Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups

Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups Demonstration of Italian radicals Casa Pound

The main ultra-right organisations of Italy are the parties Forza Nuova (New force) and «Tricolour Flame». "New force» was established in 1997 in London by members of the former neo-Nazi party «Italian social movement» Roberto Fiore and Massimo Marcelo. It recruits not only in ultra-right and neo-fascist circles, but also in ultra-conservative catholic circles. "New force» actively uses internet resources and also closely collaborates with Greek right extremists «Golden dawn», French «National Front», British «British national party », с German «National Democrat party » and Belgian «Flemish block». Radical nationalists held an international conference in Pineta Palace hotel in Rome on March 1 .

The “Tricolour Flame” party was established in 1995 by Pino Rauti and is a follower of the former neo-fascist party «Italian social movement», which at the time has already transformed into «National alliance» and opted out of extremism. The current party leader Luca Romagnoli represents a party, which underlines its spiritual link with the «Nazi era» and pursues a pro-Palestinian policy. In 2014, the party incorporated the Italian branch of the Greek Golden Dawn party.

In 2003 the nationalistic fascist fraction „Casa Pound” was created, which positioned itself as an «association of extremism followers» and «fascists of the third millenium». It was named in honor of American poet Ezra Pound who lived in Italy and was a fan of Mussolini. During World War Two he actively propagandized anti-Semitic ideas on the Roman radio. The party headquarters are located in Rome. The party keeps contact with musicians, who support national-socialistic views .

It is worth also noting the National Socialist Workers Movement, which is operating in Lombardy since 2002 .

National Brotherhood of Black Wolves is a militant organisatoins formed from former police and army officers in 2013 .

Forza Nuova in its programme proclaimed the necessity of combating masonry. It also highlights combating immigration as its priority, characterizing it as a «full-fledged Muslim aggression towards Europe », endangering the fate of Italians as a nation. That said the party accused the Italian authorities of depriving Italians of housing and jobs in favour of migrants. As a solution to the problem they suggested deporting all migrants .

“Tricolour Flame” in its declaration states that it can be defined by the legacy of Mussolini. It is a classic fascist party, whose ideal is Mussolini’s social policy .

"Casa Pound” positions itself as a fascist party, borrowing nationalistic ideas from the right and social views from the left. It advocates for the abolition of open borders in the EU and deportation of “undesirable” foreigners. The party also wants to abolish anti-racism legislation to “decriminalise ideological opinions”.

In November 2012 representatives of Italian branch of the Greek neo-Nazim racist, anti-Semitic party «Golden dawn», decided to take part in the regional elections of 2013 under the name of the progenitor party «Golden Dawn of Italy». The «Golden Dawn of Italy» was established in October 2012. Alessandro Gardossi of Triestine became the party secretary. He also worked for the «New Rule» and «Northern league». The party’s symbol is a yellow wreath on a blue background, which represents a stylized swastika.

Neo-Nazis and radical nationalists have partial influence on the Italian public community. It mostly spreads to people, who uphold rightist views. For example, in January 2012 it was revealed that the ally of Roman mayor D. Allemano – M. Vattani, appointed as Italian consulate in Osaka (Japan) sang in a duet with Nazi rock-group ZetaZeroAlfa frontman D. Iannone and for many years performed pro-Nazi songs under the alias of «Katanga» .In May 2012 it also became known that the mayor of Verona F. Tosi invited Andrea Miglioransi, a “Tricolour Flame” member who performs anti-Semitic and xenophobic songs in one of the rock-groups, as the manager of his election campaign . In the middle of May it came to light that at the residence of the director of the immigration department of Trieste police Carlo Baffi, who was accused of the death of a Ukrainian immigrant, Nazi literature was found. On October 2, it also emerged, that the son of Roman mayor D Alemanno posted a photo of himself on «Facebook» where he was depicted raising his hand in a Nazi salute. On July 25, a video was published on YouTube, depicting a group of Italian soldiers singing a fascist hymn.

The increase of the radical-nationalist party and group influence in Italy has its objective and subjective reasons. On one hand, this is a sharp increase in migration flows and obvious economical difficulties, on the other hand, an effective use of new technologies by the nationalist-radicals, the Internet above all. For example, "Casa Pound" has an active presence on the Internet and allows effectively using the social media to circulate their messages and recruit new members . The organization, in particular, has a 24-hour Internet radio «Bandiera Nera» and a weekly webcast Tortuga-TV. On February 28, 2015, the League held a joint demonstration in Rome with Casa Pound under migrant-slogan slogans.

In addition, in recent years a new phenomenon has appeared in Italy - radical Islamism. There are 1.7 million Muslims in the country, attending around 700 mosques. Since the 1990s, Italy has been used by Islamic terrorist organisations as a logistics centre. In the future, recruitment into the Islamic State has increased. In 2015, about 20 people associated with the IS have been arrested, and one person was deported to Morocco.

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