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Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial A banner with the words "The Holocaust does not exist" appeared in October 2014 opposite the Capriola di Leno Institute in Lensi.

Members of extreme right organisations made several such statements in 2014. In January, Erneste Morni – who was sending the pig head parcels – said that Nazism was funded by Zionist Jews to eventually facilitate their return to Israel. On January 25, in Milan a swastika and anti-Semitic slogans calling the Holocaust „a lie“ were painted on a sidewalk respectively on a wall near to a Jewish school that took part in the „Holocaust Memorial Day“ with several activities . On January 27, someone displayed a banner saying “Holocaust did not happen” in Leno . On September 13, a conference on revision of history was held in Kant, organised by Forza Nuova.

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