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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes Thousands of Italians took part in a rally against refugees led by Casa Pound, May 2016.

In 2014 and 2015, a number of clashes based on hatred of migrants resulted in interethnic conflicts. On November 11, 2014 200 people protested against the refugee centre in Rome’s Tor Sapienza area, claiming increased crime rate due to African migrants. The protest turned into a full blown raid of the centre and clash with the police that resulted in 14 people injured . The clash continued on the next day, one refugee was injured.

On March 10, 2015, town of Thor Sapienza again experienced unrest, caused by Forza Nuova and Casa Pound activists protesting against the possible placement of immigrants in their area. In the end, this decision was cancelled.

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