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On November 22, 2014 vandals collapsed a 16-foot metal cross that stood at the highest point in Ireland. There were five cases of xenophobic graffiti. On April 3, Minister of Justice Alan Shatter’s house was sprayed with anti-Semitic graffiti. On July 4th, racist graffiti were discovered outside the Convention Centre in Dublin. On July 19 , it was reported that a racist message was spray painted on the shutters of an ethnic food store in Carlow Town. Anti-Semitic graffiti have been found in Dublin on May 1 and July 31. Racist graffiti was found also in Dublin in December.

July 30, 2019, the Muslim community at the Maryam Mosque in the western Irish city of Galway reported that the mosque was attacked by vandals. The mosque, which serves the city's 200 Ahmadi Muslims, had its locks and windows destroyed and CCTV equipment stolen. The report says that the office of the imam of the mosque, Ibrahim Noonan, was also destroyed.

“The seizure of security equipment indicates an attempt to cover their tracks. It indicates a level of planning and sophistication,” a police officer told an Irish newspaper. The imam also said that he was alerted to a planned attack on the mosque three months ago by an unknown caller. Two suspected far-right groups were mentioned in an anonymous call with the name of a prominent UK far-right activist. The attack on the Maryam Mosque is the second attack since its opening in 2014. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association group suspects two members of an Irish far-right group of involvement in the attack.

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