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Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial Dermot Mulqueen, Irish Holocaust denier.

In February 2020, right-wing Irish presidential candidate Dermot Mulqueen, in an interview with the BBC, accused the Jewish people of "hating Europeans", "sacrificing Christian babies", and appeared to defend Adolf Hitler for that he “put his citizens first.” In interviews and on his Facebook page, he claimed that the Jewish people sought to “cash in” on the invention of the atrocities of the Holocaust, and that there is ample evidence that the famine and carpet bombing by the Allied forces was the main cause of death of 6 million Jews, not mass genocide by the Nazis.

He also claimed that the concentration camps weren't horrifying murder houses. “Auschwitz had heated dormitories, a swimming pool, bakeries, a theater and a football field ... There were no death chambers,” he said. The failed politician was previously arrested after stabbing a television in Ennis Town Square with an ax to protest Holocaust Remembrance Day/

It should also be said that the government's new Criminal Justice (Hate Crimes) General Scheme Bill, which is to replace the outdated 1989 Prohibition of Hate Crime Act, denies or grossly trivializes the crimes of genocide, including Holocaust denial , will become a separately codified crime.

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