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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes

If before 2014 only isolated cases of clashes between right-wing radicals and the Roma community have been reported, in 2015, information about clashes with immigrants arriving in Hungary began to appear more and more often. In early September 2015, football fans pelted refugees with firecrackers and smoke bombs in the vicinity of the Budapest station Keleti. In response, migrants began to rush into the attackers with plastic bottles and shoes. The escalating conflict in mass slaughter was not given by the visitors themselves: they kept the most active fighters from their ranks. Police arrived at the scene and pushed back the attackers. There were several victims among refugees.

However, clashes with the police were a common phenomenon in 2015 in Hungary, especially on the border with Serbia.

A number of right-wing extremist organizations organized so-called “People's patrols" in the border areas of the country by analogy with the "patrols" that attacked the Roma in 2011-12. In this case, these groups caught refugees who were trying to cross the border with Hungary, and beat them. Surprisingly, the hatred of refugees fuelled by government propaganda and propaganda from far-right websites and organisations did not translate into mass violence into physical violence. At the end of June 2015, there was a major conflict between refugees in the camp of Debrecen, but it was not of an interethnic or interreligious nature.

Despite the desire of such right-wing extremist organizations as Jobbik, HVIM, Betyársereg and others who tried to provoke anti-Romani performances, no mass clashes between Roma and Neroma representatives also occurred in 2015.

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