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Incitement of Hatred

Incitement of Hatred Logo of the party "Golden Dawn"

Nationalist and neo-Nazi media, as well as media belonging to forces in opposition to the current government, are engaged in inciting hatred in Greece. Splitting society, trying to impose their stereotypes, these organisations usually accuse their opponents of two “terrible sins” - in the Zionist conspiracy and in the intention to Islamise the country.

The main newspaper distributing xenophobic and neo-Nazi materials is the one published the party “Golden Dawn” and is of the same name. Since 1993 the motto of the newspaper states: “Every foreign worker means an unemployed Greek citizen: the deportation of all illegal immigrants means hundreds of thousands of new jobs for the Greeks”.

Despite government actions, Golden Dawn party continued its extremist activities. In 2014, for example, the party campaigned under the slogan “Turks, get out of Thrace”. In April, its activists attacked a medical clinic for migrants in Athens, shouting “Foreigners – go home”.

On May 22, 2013, Association of Muslims in Athens received a threat letter in Greek, Arabic and English languages with the official logo of the “Golden Dawn” party. Greek neo-Nazis wrote an ultimatum to Muslims of the country, demanding the “leave the country before June 30, otherwise from July 1 they will be cut like chickens”.

In August 2013 members of the “Golden Dawn” demanded to repeal those benefits that are offered to the university students from the Muslim minority.

There is evidence of Anti-Semitic statements also taking place. On October 2 the “Golden Dawn” published a hostile statement, according to which the Jews were behind the pressure on the party, and it was suggested that the Jews “should not interfere in the Greek affairs”.

And in December the website of the “Golden Dawn” featured an article alleging that the Prime Minister of Greece A.Samaras received an acknowledgement award from the European Jewish Congress for his pursuit of the party.

On July 15 the Metropolitan of Kalavryta Ambrossios published a blog article accusing the Jews of supposedly behind-the-scenes ruling over Greece and the world. He also referred to a number Greek politicians that he disliked as Jewish.

A group of government officials have also took the liberty of making xenophobic statements. On January 30, Prime Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras in talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that he would not cancel the amendment to the Education Act, which prohibits the teaching of the Koran in schools of Thrace, densely populated by Turkish diaspora. On July 25 Minister of the Interior Giannis Michelakis addressed the parliament with the idea that the problems of the Roma passportisation were reduced solely to the attempt of the Roma immigrants to pass off as Greek citizens. In April 2013 during a visit to an immigration detention facility in Corinth a senior police officer referred to the detainees as “rats”. On December 19 it was reported that the chief of police of Greece Nikolaos Pappayanopulos said that illegal immigrants should be detained for as long as possible, to make their lives “unbearable” during a meeting with his subordinates.

In addition, the police has actively spread claims of a certain enormous Roma criminality in order to justify their anti-Roma actions. In October 2013 anti-Roma campaign was launched in the media in connection with the discovery of a girl at the Roma settlements in Pharsalus who was considered kidnapped. The commotion, however, ceased as the DNA test established that it was an abandoned daughter of the Bulgarian Roma.

The year 2015 was characterized also by anti-Semitic cartoons printed in leftist and centrist dailies, demonization of Israel in the name of “anti-racism”, Holocaust trivialization, desecration of a Jewish monument & a cemetery, homophobic- and religiously-inspired antisemitism& BDS calls. On the bazar of books in Aiolou street in Athens, on December 29th,hand in hand with Eleftheri Ora, the newspaper of conspiracy theories and balderdash, the Apostolic Ministration of the Church of Greece headed by the Archbishop Hieronymus trades in those most eminent books promulgating conspiracy theories, antisemitism and extremist nationalism.”The Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, Giannis Fourakis’ “Zionist Conspiracies”, Kostas Plevris’ “Viglatores” [Sentinels], and the “Patriotic People’s Will” by Christos Goudis, the Golden Dawn member of the Athens Municipal Council. Members of a far- right group”Team Epsilon” have published on their website violent diatribes against the Greek political system, “the Jews” and “the Zion-Nazis” (they suggest in their texts that even Nazism is a creation of Zionism), but also against the Orthodox Church and “the Free Masons”, while they glorify the “purity” and the “independence” of the Greek nation.

Matseopulos became the second Greek parliamentarian related to Nazi rock scene. The first one George Germenis became known in the market destructions in Rafina. He was elected in May 2012 and then confirmed his status in the June elections. His stage name Kiades is a reference to the name of the place in which the Spartans killed their children if they were born with defects.

The new politician is known as the bass guitarist and vocalist in an explicitly neo-Nazi band “Πογκρόμ” (“Pogrom”). The band members consider themselves “black metal” and believe that their songs are of “national patriotic” style. The most famous song was the anti-migrant “Μίλα Ελληνικά ή Ψόφα” - “Speak Greek or die”. In particular, it has the following lines: “You came to our country / You have no job / You are hungry, you are tramps and you eat your own children / You speak Russian, speak Albanian / But now you have to speak Greek / speak Greek or die!”. In addition, the Pogrom has anti-Semitic songs, such as «Άουσβιτς» - “Auschwitz”.

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