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Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist Attacks

On April 18, 2013, a Greek man opened fire on an immigrant demonstration near a settlement Nea Manolada on Peloponnese, where approximately 200 immigrants protested the six-month delay of wages for strawberry picking at three local farms. As a result, 32 workers from Bangladesh were injured, four of them are in critical care, ten – in a serious condition.

This incident caused a strong public outcry, including in the international arena, but did not provoke a reaction from the government, which for a long time turned a blind eye to neo-Nazi activites. The government began to act only five months later after the activist of the Golden Dawn party killed a Greek musician and antifascist. That was followed by arrests of party activists and leaders, the state funding of Golden Dawn as a parliamentary party was suspended, and the anti-extremist legislation was tightened.

Terrorist attacks have not been recorded in 2014-2016.

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