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Murders Greek anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, who was killed a member of the "Golden Dawn" Party, September 18, 2013.

A total of 19 racist attacks were observed in 2013, 2 of which were fatal to the victims and 91 people were harmed. More than half of the cases happened at Athens (2 dead and 49 affected). The most major cases regarding the number of victims were the shooting of strawberry pickers in Nea Manolada, the breaking up of an anti-fascist demonstration in Athens on September 18, and September 13 attack made on anti-fascists (32, 31 and 9 respectively were affected). 37 people were injured at the hands of police.

This event forced the government to act decisively. In the same month, there was a wave of arrests of members of the Golden Dawn party, including MPs, state funding of the party was suspended in accordance with the country's Constitution prohibiting the financing of political parties whose members are criminally responsible for extremism. The reform of anti-extremist legislation aimed at tightening it was launched.

Hate-motivated killings have not been recorded in 2014-2016.

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