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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes

The growth of unemployment, the reduction of social assistance in the mass influx of refugees and 1 million labour migrants led to an increase in xenophobic attitudes in Greece, which are not just towards immigrants, but in general all people with dark skin colour - people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

After the June 2012 elections, cases of attacks on persons with dark skin colour, primarily on Pakistanis, have increased. Behind these attacks was the Golden Dawn party, which recruited supporters among low-income youth. The party organised rallies, attacked people, set fire to their properties. The police, which often witnessed this banditry, did not interfere. Hundreds of such attacks have been recorded. Tensions between the indigenous population and immigrants exist to this day, but it is yet to develop into a mass ethnic confrontation.

The Roma community is another victim of xenophobia in Greek society. On January 4, 2014, Roma were attacked in the Etoliko village. Firebombs, stones and boards were thrown into their homes. 6 homes and 4 cars were burnt down.

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