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  1. General recommendations for the accession to international agreements and conventions.

For Greece to overcome the festering crisis of the traditional nation-state it is necessary to revise the unifying approach to the national and language policy. It is recommended to accede to major international agreements aimed at ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities, and to ratify the signed documents. This refers to the ratification of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the European Charter on Regional Languages and Minority Languages. In addition, in order to bring its immigration legislation to a standard level Greece should join the European Convention on Nationality of 1997 and the European Convention on the Participation of Foreigners in Public Life at the Local Level of 1992.

    2. General recommendations for adjustments to the legal framework.

By joining international agreements, Greece should bring the national legislation in line with these agreements, in particular laws to protect the rights of national minorities ought to be adopted and immigration laws ought to be reconsidered, especially the adoption of amendments of 2012 to the immigration law 3838/10, which legalised inequality in the implementation of the electoral rights of foreign citizens in the elections to local authorities, depending on ethnic origin. Greece should also remove all provisions from the procedure for granting of citizenship to foreign nationals legally residing in the country. It is also important to consider the amendments to the Constitution in terms of equal rights not only for the Greeks, but also for foreigners staying in the country, except for participation in parliamentary elections.

    3. General recommendations for the executive bodies in the field of enforcement of law and human rights.

It is necessary to reconsider the practice of shutting of the Turkish schools in Western Thrace and a ban on teaching of the Koran. Greek government should abandon attempts to appoint Muslim religious leaders, and reconsider the practice to fill these positions by specialised bodies consisting of Christian religious figures, especially.

It is necessary to abandon discriminatory practices against the Roma population, i.e. to stop the practice of school segregation, as well as evictions without alternative accommodation.

Greece should cease the practice of registration of hate crimes as domestic crimes, which results in official statistics not rousing any confidence among observers. It is also necessary to strengthen the application of Article 79 of the Criminal Code of Greece, which examines racial discrimination as an aggravating circumstance in the commission of crimes, as well as the whole system of existing anti-racist laws, especially with regard to the statements, appeals and media activists of the party "Golden Dawn". The programme of the party should also be checked for compliance with to the current anti-racist legislation and the Constitution.

It is important to remove all restrictions on granting of citizenship to foreigners who are lawfully resident in the country for the necessary period of time. The practice of issuing temporary residence permits without a work permit, which is completely contrary to the European standards, must be abandoned. Greece should abolish amendments to the February 8th election law, which deprived foreign residents and Greeks living abroad to participate in local and regional elections.

It is also necessary to change the conditions of keeping immigrants in the temporary detention facilities, bringing them in line with the European standards, as well as to return to the same maximum term of immigrants residing in these areas. Training campaign should be conducted with public sector workers to educate them of the needs and specifics of people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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