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Revision of World War Two History

Revision of World War Two History The headquarter of the Greek police anti-terror service in Athens. The arrest of Christos Pappas, the second person in the Golden Dawn party.

Glorification of Nazi regime is an attribute of the members of “Golden Dawn” in 2013-14. On May 8, 2013 a member of parliament from “Golden Dawn” party Christos Pappas read out a text praising Hitler at the Parliamentary session, and stated that these were the “works for our youth”, adding that nationalism is “the world’s future”. After the arrest of Pappas in September 2013, it was found out that his house was a true museum of Nazism, and the politician loved to pose in a Nazi uniform during his youth.

In late May, the cries of “Heil Hitler!” have been repeatedly reported coming from “Golden Dawn” accompanied by the appropriate greetings in the parliament. In July, during Golden Dawn's” distribution of food to the poor people the Nazi anthem “Horst Wessel” was reported playing. On September 23, 2014, a video appeared online showing a Golden Dawn MP Hristos Pappas teaching his children a Nazi salute. One party MP described Hitler as a “great man”.

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