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Treatment of Minorities

Treatment of Minorities

Sociological surveys indicate a high level of xenophobia in the country. This includes anti-immigrant and anti-Roma sentiments, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. National Human Rights Commission reports high levels of racism in France. President of the Commission said that while level of racism has fallen in the long-run – there are no more violent riots and attacks – there are hidden forms of racism, which are no longer limited to extremist groups. She added that this kind of racism “penetrates all social layers”. Tolerance index has been decreasing for the past four years. Meanwhile, BVA survey indicated that 9% of French people openly admit to being racist, while 26% consider themselves “somewhat racist”.

On May 22nd it was reported that according to a survey conducted by the World Values organization 22, 7% of respondents in France said they strongly oppose being neighbors with families who are of a different nationality, race or religion .

According to the survey "France 2013: new contradictions" conducted for the newspaper "Le Monde", published on January 25th, more than 70% of the French believe that Islam is an intolerant religion which is incompatible with the values of French society. Responding to a question about the compatibility of different religions with the French national values, the majority of respondents put Catholicism in the first place, less believe that Judaism is compatible with French values, Islam came in third place .

On March 25th it was reported that according to surveys of the French Institute of Sociology (IFOP), 84% of French people oppose the hijab and other forms of Islamic garments in the workplace regardless of forms of ownership .

Anti-Roma sentiments are common. Surveys showed that 35% of French people believe that there are “too many” of them. 77% of French respondents do not associate Roma with the French society . Even those who do not consider themselves racist hold anti-Roma views .

According to a survey conducted on January 24th by Market Watch on behalf of the World Zionist Organization 39% of French people agreed with the statement that "Jews have too much power in the business world", 21% do not consider it fair, and 40% remain neutral towards this fact. 47% of French people think that French Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country and only 15% do not agree with this point of view. 43% of respondents said that they have a positive attitude towards fellow Jews countrymen and 53% said their attitude was "neutral". Only 4% of respondents admitted having a negative attitude towards this group of the population. 20% said they had a positive attitude towards Israel, 61% said their opinion was neutral and 19% - negative. 54% of respondents expressed confidence that "the anti-Jewish moods" are the source of violence and anti-Semitic occurrences, 19% believe that the cause of anti-Semitism is the policy of Israel and 27% have no opinion on the matter.

According to the survey, the results of which were released on June 4th, 50% of respondents said that the Jews are "closer to France than to Israel", 75% felt that "they are a close-knit group characterized by solidarity," and 28% agreed with the statement, that "the level of influence of the Jews is too great". The same figure, 28% of the French, think that "too much" is being done to fight anti-Semitism, 20% felt that "too much is done" in order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, but on the other hand, 22% believed that "not enough is done". The murder of three Jewish children and a rabbi in Toulouse on the 19th of March 2012 by Muslim extremists has been described as "an isolated incident, not showing an overall trend" by 59 percent of respondents, while 40 percent said it was "a sign of growing anti-Semitism in France".

The growth of xenophobia is felt by the population. On October 10th it was reported that approximately 60% of the French believe that racism in their country has become more common . According to a survey of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 85% of French Jewish respondents believe that anti-Semitism is a big problem in the country. 74% of respondents said that anti-Jewish moods "increased significantly". More than 50% of French people expressed negative feelings in relation to migrants in 2015 (65% in 2014). According to a survey conducted in September 2015, 80% of respondents supported the idea of returning border controls. At the same time, 70% of the country's inhabitants do not approve of the EU policy on refugees.

However, only 18% of French citizens experience negative feelings towards members of sexual minorities, which is one of the lowest rates in Europe.

On October 10th it was reported that approximately 60% of the French believe that racism in their country has become more common.

Marin Le Pen became a symbol of the growing influence of the ultra-right on society, who since October 2013 ranked third in the popularity among French politicians, sharing this place with F. Fillon and A. Juppe. At the same time, Minister of Internal Affairs took first place in many respects by increasing his rating due to tough anti-Roma statements. At the end of 2016, Le Pen took the first place (26%), ahead of its competitors in the presidential race - Francois Fillon and Emmanuel Macron, who gained 20%.

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