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Incitement of Hatred

Incitement of Hatred Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Incitement of hatred is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in France. In the February 2014 issue of Versailles regional magazine in the "Open Forum" article it was stressed that secularism politics are “a shield which protects us from Islam. Protects from faith, which is fundamentally strange for our civilization. It is a system of totalitarian slavery for taking over humanity through global Jihad.”

On October 3, Opera Bastille in Paris expelled a female Muslim tourist from the building during La Traviata opera.

During the monitored period, we noticed an increase in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in France. Eric Zemmour, author of The French Suicide told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he calls for deportation of 5 000 000 French Muslims.

On May 16th it became known that the books of the Institute of the Arab World organization, openly sold in France, contains references to Islamic scholars who justify the murder of Christian monks and baptized Muslims, as well as violence against Christian women .

One may note the distribution of "new anti-Semitism" in intellectual circles. It is based on hatred towards Israel. On June 12th at the National Gallery Jeu de Paume in Paris an exhibition was organized. It was devoted to "the Palestinians, who gave their lives to fight for Palestine’s freedom" and made heroes out of terrorists of Hamas, 'Brigades of al-Aqsa Martyrs' (the armed wing of Fatah), and the National Front for Palestine’s liberation" . In October a show called "Black and Blue" opened at the Marseille museum of culture in Europe and the Middle East. An exposition by Israeli artist M. Heyman, which demonized the Israel, was stationed there .

On December 29, it was reported that the elected councillor from the Christian Democratic party in Vourla, Marc-Yvan Tesser posted several homophobic tweets .

On December 24, a popular French radio RTL said that it intends to cooperate with a prominent observer Erik Zemmour despite his blatant anti-Muslim statements. “Democracy means accepting and allowing different confronting ideas,” RTL stated . Writer Alain Sorel published an article under the headline “Tribal Solidarity”, repeating anti-Semitic myths about Jews and money, dominance in finance industry, etc .

On December 28, one of the extreme right websites published an article entitled “The Secret Project of the Second Israel in Ukraine”. The article claimed that “certain Zionists” are preparing to build a “second Israel” in Ukraine .

French internet is also littered with xenophobic rhetoric. In 2014, 15 000 manifestations of hate have been reported online . Radical Islamist websites are actively spreading anti-Semitism . On January 20, a video threatening Jewish people was posted on YouTube. It’s author called himself “new Mera” (M. Mera was the terrorist who opened fire at Jewish students in Toulouse in 2012).

On January 22, Facebook page “Deport the Zionists” was found.

On July 25, another anti-Semitic page was set up on Facebook, calling for violence against Jews in Paris and posting their private details.

On July 20, a Twitter account named after M.Mera was posting anti-Semitic threats.

On July 12, an anti-Israel demonstration was held in Paris. Participants chanted slogans like “Death to Jews”.

On June 13, a crowd of Islamists gathered at a synagogue, shouting “Hitler was right” .

On July 19, pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted “Hitler must come back” .

On July 26, around 200 anti-Israeli demonstrators gathered in Toulouse to protest against Israel .

On July 26, a conference organised by an anti-Semite Dieudonné Mbala-Mbala was held in a Paris theatre, demonising Israel for the Gaza operation (it was stated that Israel has “surpassed Hitler”) .

On May 1st in Paris, a meeting of the National Front was held, at which at least 6,000 people were present. Speaking at the rally was NF leader Marine Le Pen who encouraged "to restore the frontiers of France" and "to ensure the country’s exit out of the Schengen area", and "to abandon the EU currency - the Euro" .

On January 26, a large demonstration (17,000 people) was held in Paris, protesting the law on same-sex marriage. Demonstration ended with a clash between the right-wing radicals and the police. More than 150 people were detained. 19 police officers were injured, one of whom was “seriously wounded”, according to the police . Demonstrators also shouted anti-Semitic slogans .

On October 7, a massive protests were held against same-sex marriage, particularly adoption and artificial insemination for same-sex couples.

Large protests organised by “Manifestation for All” were held in Paris and Bordeaux under the slogan “Man – not a commodity” to show protest against surrogate motherhood. In addition, protesters are concerned with lesbian couples having access to assisted reproductive technologies .

On May 30th, it was reported that according to Europol France ranks first in Europe in the number of activists of radical Islam and, thus, is subject to a terrorist threat more than in other European countries. According to Europol, in most cases we are talking about the citizens of the European Union. Additionally, as a rule, these people have no connection with organized Islamist networks such as "Al-Qaeda": young people "radicalize themselves" by reading various texts on the Internet .

As for the neo-Nazis, this scene is quite small. It attracts a few hundred militants and raises money for concerts, which routinely take place in Alsace, Lorraine and areas adjacent to Germany and Switzerland (in order to attract as wide an international audience as possible). "Charlemagne Hammerskins" opened its own place (the Tavern of Thor in the Meuse Department). Even after the ban, the rival faction "Blood and Honour" continues to play concerts, but with a specific audience (National Socialist Black Metal supporters, NSBM) and in another region, in Lyon. The "Call of Terror" concert, which took place in February 2020 and attracted about 400 people, is an interesting example of how Nazis can raise money through concerts, which always feature foreign bands from all over Europe, as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights, which are illegal in France and are a new source of income. The MMA scene seems to be growing. Of particular interest is the connection of extreme fighters who are active in MMA and NSBM in relation to Ukraine. At the 2020 Asgardrey Festival in Kiev, which featured both MMA and NSBM music, the leader of the most aggressive band on the scene was present: Les Zouaves-Paris, the successor to the band Union Défense (GUD) . Thus, Marc de Caqueray-Valmenier came into contact with the Azov battalion fighters.

Other right-wing extremist groups are very eloquent about their aversion to a multicultural society. Their ideology is based on the concept of "The Great Replacement" developed by the French novelist Renaud Camus and the legacy of the late Guillaume Faye (1949-2019), whose latest book Guerre civile raciale (2019) has been translated into English and is an inspiration for ethno-nationalism. One must recognize, however, the low effectiveness of these groups in fomenting and spreading hatred. The real influence of right-wing ideas comes from the Rassemblement Nationale, led by Marine Le Pen, which won 33% of the vote in the second round of the 2017 presidential election and was second again in the 2022 presidential election. The RN is an established party of 6 MPs, 1 senator; 21 MEPs; 306 regional councilors (re-elected in 2021); and 2 mayors in cities of 30,000 or more people (after the June 2020 elections, the RN governs a total of 11 cities).

RN's main narrative is fighting immigration and they are having obvious success on this issue. A 2020 survey showed that 78% of the French want to switch to a quota immigration system, while 58% want to repeal the provision of the law that gives French citizenship to everyone born on French soil . As for the Jewish community, the RN leadership is trying to maintain a moderate profile. Marine Le Pen, for the first time in July 2020, tweeted in memory of the victims of the Raphaël du Vel d'Viv, the 1942 roundup of Parisian Jews that resulted in the deportation of more than 13,000 people. In the same message, Le Pen assured that her party was the best bulwark for Jews against the "new preachers of hatred" who are Islamists. But there should be no illusions: the party's official policy is to ban the wearing of all religious signs on the three streets, including the kippah, and to ban the sale of all kinds of ritually slaughtered meat, including kosher meat, ostensibly to combat the wearing of Islamic clothing and the financing of radical mosques through a tax on halal products.

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