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Attacks The dynamics of hate crimes in France (2014-2015)

France continues to be the country with the highest level of hate crimes. In early 2016, the French Ministry of the Interior published a report on combating racism, which provided data on hate crimes for the year 2015. According to this report, there have been 808 crimes of anti-Semitic nature (851 in 2014), 429 crimes directed against Muslims (133 in 2014) and 797 acts directed against Christians (678 in 2014).

According to the European Roma Information Bureau, no hate crimes against the Roma minority were committed in France in 2015 (in 2014, according to the same source, one child was killed; although according to other sources, a Roma teenager was physically assaulted in the suburbs of Paris in 2015). Data on attacks on Roma and representatives of other ethnic groups is not published by the French authorities, since they do not collect such statistics.

It is important to note that, unlike in Britain, where the anti-Semitic acts decreased by 22% in 2015, there was no such significant drop in such crimes in France - the number of anti-Semitic manifestations decreased by only 5%. In 2014 their number increased by 101%. Thus, the events in the Middle East led to a sharp rise in anti-Semitism, but the relatively calm period in Israel and Palestine had virtually no effect on the level of anti-Semitism in France.

Charlie Hebdo attack has resulted in a sharp increase in Islamophobia.

The watchdog SOS Homophobie recorded 152 cases of violence against the LGBT community in 2015, fewer than the 161 cases counted in 2014 . In total, in 2015, 2 186 crimes of an extremist nature occurred in France (in 2014 – 1 823). Of these, violent character (together with homophobic violent crimes) - 449 (397 in 2014).

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