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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Missteps in the national policy led to the fact that gradually France becomes a country where interethnic and interreligious clashes are becoming more common. The reason for this, as a rule, is the reaction of the indigenous population to Muslim religious clothing, some of which is banned in public places. Adding to that is the outbreak of anti-Semitism among the Islamic population of the country.

On June 13th in Argenteuil police made a rough arrest of a Muslim woman wearing a niqab. A crowd gathered and began to protect the woman. As a result law enforcement officers arrested the Muslim woman and took her to the nearest police station. In the center of Argenteuil a battle erupted between Muslims and the police.

Only a few hours later the security forces managed to disperse the angry crowd. As a result two law enforcement officers were wounded and numerous arrests of participants of the mass brawl were made. The next day, rallies have been held in the city center against police misconduct. Several hundreds of residents were involved .

On July 20th – 22nd, in the Paris suburb of Trappes turmoil could be felt among Muslims living there. The occasion was a police order to a Muslim woman to remove the niqab. Wearing a niqab is prohibited. Crowds of young people from Arab and African countries threw stones at police, set fire to the police department and burned several dozen parked cars and smashed bus stops. Law enforcement officers used tear gas and batons to disperse riots. Four people were arrested .

On July 13, Muslim youth in Paris tried to attack Isaac Abravanel synagogue. The attackers were armed with bats, used street chair as weapons. As a result, three members of the Jewish community were injured along six police officers .

On July 19, a gang of pro-Palestinian activists attempted to storm the apartment of a member of the local occupation therapy centre Source in Hautes-Alpes, who displayed an Israeli flag .

On July 20, Muslim youth smashed the windows and looted Jewish shops in Sarseilles.

Majority of Jewish shops were forced to shut down due to increased tensions, and police recommended Jewish citizens not to leave their homes due to mass anti-Semitic riots .

At the end of December 2015, ethnic clashes between Corsican nationalists and a group of Arab youth took place in Ajaccio. The cause of the clashes that took place under the slogans "Arabs - out!" was the attack by a group of Arab teenagers on firefighters.

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