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Xenophobia in Sport

Xenophobia in Sport

In late March, 2013, there was a case when Estonian Siim Liyvik playing in Finland for the Helsinki club IFK was offended because during the match between the IFC and the Tampere Club “Tappara” he was called “Russian”, in response he called an opponent of Swedish Bosnian origin Dragan Umichevicha a Gypsy.

In late April, 2014, a scandal enflamed around a racist incident in Finnish basketball. Black Sanomille player Jaraun Burrows accused a player of Kataja, Sami Lehtoranta, of racist abuse. Lehtoranta and his team denied these allegations. The incident was discussed in the Finnish press. As a result, both players were fined for offensive language.

During the game in the Finnish Football Championship of the first division between the teams Haka and KTP in Valkeakoski, which took place on May 29, 2017, referee Al-Emara stopped the match and sent both teams to the locker room after racist insults against him . Al-Emara's actions were praised and made him one of the most famous referees in Finnish football. After that, he was twice elected judge of the year.

In March 2021, the Finnish team decided to take a knee before the Nations League football match against Wales. Before the game began, both sides "kneeled"; a symbolic demonstration of support for the global anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter. It is reported that the Finnish national team for the first time spoke out against racism in international competitions. After that, team captain Tim Sparv received a number of messages on social networks and emails with insults about this. “These were unpleasant comments,” recalls the team captain. However, the quality of the feedback after the kneeling gesture came as something of a surprise. they will come to look at us.”

Also in March 2021, Sierra Leone-born Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara who plays for Glasgow Rangers was the target of racist abuse during a Europa League play-off match against Czech Slavia Praha by Czech defender Ondrej Kudela. UEFA suspended Kudela for 10 matches - the minimum sanction for "racist behavior". TV at the same time Camara himself was suspended for three matches for physical retaliation in the tunnel transition from the stadium - and since then he has been subjected to "daily" racist insults on the Internet.

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