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Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups

Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups Logo of the right-wing radical party "True Finns".

True Finns is the main nationalist party in Finland. Established in 1995 (leader - Timo Soini), the party won 20% of votes and 39 seats (out of 200) in the 2011 parliamentary elections.

Besides the True Finns, Suomen Sisu (Finnish Power) positions itself as an elite club and tries to influence the decision-makers. Some experts believe that Finnish Power is part of the True Finns party that does not publicise its affiliation. In 2013, an international neo-Nazi organisation called Blood and Honour appeared in the Finnish cities of Helsinki and Tampere, acting as a recruiting centre for neo-Nazis. True Finns are significantly influential in the Finnish society. In 2011 parliamentary elections, the party was extremely successful given the fact that it only received five seats in 2007.

They were able to replicate this success in the 2014 European Elections. Gathering 12.9% of votes, the party received two seats in the European Parliament making it third in Finland.

True Finns MEP Jussi Halla-aho came second in Finland by the number of votes – almost 80 000 – outranked only by Alexander Stubb, a prominent MP from the Coalition Party and current Prime Minister. Halla-aho is a known racist, aggressively speaking against Muslims and black immigrants. He was sentenced for insulting religious feelings and inciting ethnic enmity on multiple occasions.

True Finns were able to consolidate around conservative-minded voters and convince them of the idea that xenophobia and Migrantophobia are normal attitudes (according to the survey, conducted in November 2014, 16.3% of the electorate were ready to vote for the party ).

It is noteworthy that no candidate from immigrant backgrounds was successful in the last parliamentary elections.

True Finns in their 2011 manifesto demand a reduction in the number of Swedish-language TV and radio broadcasts, abolish the requirement of Swedish language proficiency imposed on the civil servants and make Swedish language courses elective in schools. True Finns also seek to introduce quotas for foreign students. With regard to migration, the True Finns demagogically stated that they welcome legal migrant workers (while persistently pushing the term “criminal immigrants”), and demanded reducing social benefits for migrants and reducing the number of asylum applications. They opposed the granting of citizenship to a wide range of foreigners, stating: “Citizenship should be a reward”.

Suomen Sisu programme states that the organisation is a nationalist party, whose activities are aimed at creating a Finnish national society. Chairman of the organisation, Olli Immonen (True Finns MP) argues that current developments in Finland are moving in a nationalist direction and that the country is moving away from the “ideology of multiculturalism”.

True Finns also support Pro-Karelia – an organisation seeking to return the Vyborg territory to Finland along with territories given to Russia after the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40 and the Second World War.

Nationalists also demand a ban on the sale of real estate to foreigners in Finland. They do not hide the fact that such a demand is the underlying reason of “massive” buy-outs of houses and apartments by Russians in the border zone. According to the nationalists, it threatens national security.

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