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Incitement of Hatred

Incitement of Hatred "True Finns" against refugees.

In April 2012 a controversial statement issued Helena Eronen, the assistant of the Finns Party parliament member J.Hirvisaari, was a focal point for the media. She suggested that all non-Finnish residents should wear distinguishing symbols on their clothing. This idea was originally posted in Eronen’s internet blog, yet the ideas became well publicised. Society regarded this as true incitement of inter-ethnic hatred. The consequence of this scandal was that the author of such radical projections was forced to resign.

In early October, the English-language editor of the blog Migrant Tales Enrique Tessieri said that the Finnish media artificially stir up the situation regarding issues related to the newcomers, actively promoting the views of the ultra-right. He warned journalists that spreading a one-sided and intolerant vision of immigrants can lead to “a society that we could not imagine in our most terrible dreams.

In January-February, 2013, people found out about the large-scale publishing of anti-Semitic material in the free newspaper “Magneettimedia”, which was distributed at the “Karkkaynen” mall in Helsinki.

On July 28, The Finland Times published an article which claimed that the murder of three Israeli yeshiva students, which became a reason for the escalation in Gaza, was committed by Israeli intelligence rather than Hamas.

The Finnish television channel, MTV-3 produced and aired various Russophobic displays directed against the Russians in Finland on many occasions in 2012. In particular the authors focused on Russians purchasing real estate in the Northern Karelia Province. MTV-3 speculated whether the Russian secret service purposefully acquires bases for possible future subversion and spying; another speculative version was whether the mafia was money laundering in Finland. Consequently, after a series of these broadcasts the reported cases of vandalism of houses and flats belonging to Russians escalated in the cities of Lappeenranta, Ruokolahti, Joutseno and Imatra. It is important to note that the channel’s xenophobia is not directed against Russian Federation citizens, but rather against people of a Russian ethnic background.

On October 16, 2014, Finnish nationalists organised a “Night Watch” in Helsinki, which was mainly targeted at immigrants.

On December 6 – Finnish Independence Day – nationalist held a torchlight procession in Helsinki under the slogan “Finland for Finns”. The event was attended by delegations from Sweden, Italy and Germany.

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