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Public Actions Parade of the Air Force of Finland. The standard bearer carries the banner of the Air Force with a swastika.

Finnish Defense Minister Karl Haglund in November 2012 ignored the demand of human rights activist Johan Beckmann to remove the swastika from the flag and emblem of the school of the Finnish Air Force.

Before 1944, swastika was a symbol of all Finnish Air Forces. After the armistice with the Soviet Union, however, Finland changed symbols of its armed forces and substituted swastikas for blue circles. Yet the Air Force School did not change its emblem, trying to “preserve its traditions”.

On March 30th 2013, it became known that the military flag of Nazi Germany was found in Kristiinankaupunki.

On August 1st in Helsinki a passerby raised his hand in a Nazi salute in front of the Jewish community.

Invited by a deputy from the “True Finns” J. Hirvisaari to the meeting of Parliament on September 27th guest Seppo Lehto raised his hand in a Nazi salute. According S. Lehto with the Nazi gesture he wanted to express his support for the campaign of deputy from the party “True Finns” Jussi Halla-aho in European Parliament elections.

Also on November 11th it became known that a party was held in Turku, on the occasion of Kristallnacht, which performed the songs of pro-Nazi groups.

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