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Ethnic and Religious Clashes

Ethnic and Religious Clashes The clash with roma in the city of Ostrava, August 2013.

In 2013, a wave of anti-Roma statements, coupled with street clashes on ethnic grounds, ride through the cities of the Czech Republic. In late June, after an argument at the playground in the city of Ceske Budejovice, a conflict erupted between the parents, the neo-Nazis managed to provoke mass street clashes between Czechs and Roma, which were attended by hundreds of people. Only the intervention of the police prevented bloodshed.

The most violent clashes that had led to riots occurred in August. On August 24th anti-Roma actions in Ostrava, Plzen, Ceske Budejovice and Duchcov were attended by 2 500 people. This day was declared by the Czech neo-Nazis as the “Day of Resistance”. Organizers were activists from neo-Nazi groups. A total of 101 participants were detained for racist acts.

The most difficult situation was in Ostrava. There, the demonstration has ended with the battle with police. Neo-Nazis raided Roma property, torched cars and attacked police officers, chanted “Bohemia for the Czechs!”. The police did not allow the rioters in the area of compact settlement of Roma by using tear gas. As a result, 21 policemen were injured, 12 cars were smashed. The neo-Nazi organization “National Rebirth of Poland” took place in the riots.

In general, organized anti-Roma manifestations were held on August 23-24 in 13 Czech cities.

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