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Vandalism On the night of February 14-15, 2015 (the day of the Meeting of the Lord according to the Orthodox calendar), unknown intruders entered the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the city of Karlovac and desecrated it.

In 2013 monitoring recorded four cases of xenophobic vandalism. Three were of anti-Serb character, and 1 was Islamophobic.

On January 2nd a Serbian cemetery was desecrated in Knin.

On September 2nd hundreds of demonstrators in Vukovar willfully dismantled signs written in Serbian from a number of government buildings chanting anti-Serb slogans.

On September 4th protesters against the use of Serbian Cyrillic script in Dubrovnik wrote offensive slogans on an Orthodox Church of the XIX century.

pOn May 27th a group o people stoned an Islamic center in the third largest city in Croatia - Rijeka.

In mid-April, 2014, unknown vandals desecrated a 16th century Jewish cemetery in Split, destroying about a dozen tombstones and opening several graves.

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