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Vandalism The bust of Rade Končar, one of the leaders of the Ustaše resistance during World War II, was desecrated in Split.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry, Soviet military graves and monuments soldiers of the Red Army who died during the liberation of Yugoslavia during the Second World War are located in 11 cities and towns of Croatia (a total of 14 memorials). The largest of them are the Victory memorial in the village of Batina and the memorial in Iloka. In 2008, this memorial was desecrated. Earlier, in 2006 and 2007. vandals attacked a monument in Borovo, a suburb of Vukovar.

In November 2018, in Split, a 65-year-old man who repeatedly tried to destroy monument to Rada Končar, the famous leader of the resistance to the Croatian pro-Nazi Ustaše regime during the Second world war, knocked him to the ground. Falling to the ground, the statue broke the vandal's leg. Končar became famous as a Yugoslav hero for his fight against the fascist Croatian government. In 1942, he was captured by Italian troops and executed at the age of 31, along with several of his fellow communists.

In 2019, a number of cases of desecration of anti-fascist monuments were recorded in Dalmatia (Split, the Cetinska Krajina district, the settlements of Vodice, Bukovitsa, Zrmanja). In particular, in August 2019, in the Croatian city of Split, an unknown man poured black paint over the monument to the First Split Partisan Detachment. This detachment, consisting of Yugoslav recruits, acted against the armies of the Axis countries during the Second World War. The Split branch of the Croatian Social Democratic Party described the act of vandalism as "an attempt to distort history." According to the representatives of the party, it is impossible "to desecrate the memory of those guys who gave their lives so that their hometown remained Croatian, not Italian."

Also in 2019, the head of the administration of the village of Gračac prepared a decision to demolish the monument "in memory of 1826 victims of fascist terror and 816 dead partisans." Due to the protests of local residents, the dismantling work was suspended.

On March 27, 2019, the Dudik memorial complex was desecrated in the suburbs of Vukovar. In May 2019, in the Croatian capital, vandals painted with a swastika and nationalist abbreviations a monument to the national hero of Yugoslavia, the leader of the uprising of the people of Kordun, the former mayor of Zagreb V. Holevets.

In 2020 - the first half of 2021. A monument to the victims of the Holocaust in the city of Varazdin was desecrated with a Nazi cross and Ustashe symbols, and a monument dedicated to the Croatian anti-fascist liberators in the city of Zadar was liquidated under the pretext of fighting non-democratic regimes.

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